Posted by: perchancetodream | July 29, 2008


I’ve been fortunate that every single job I’ve ever had has been near a retail area.  Until now.

Within a few blocks there are a number of places to eat in all price ranges and for all tastes but the only “shopping” of any sort is a large chain drug store.  If I wanted to drive, I’d find everything I could ever want within just a few minutes but while I’m surprisingly enjoying my morning drive to the office, driving on either of the 2 main strips here mid-day just doesn’t excite me.

I will, once the weather breaks, start taking long walks but when it is in the mid-90’s I just can’t talk myself into it.  So I use my lunch break to make any calls I need to make and to read, my favorite hobby and one while I’ve been neglecting.

Across the street from my office is a conference/retreat center on 10 acres, with gothic-style buildings (that remind me more than a little of the buildings I wandered around when living in Oxford) and, I discovered today, a medieval labyrinth.

Aside from all of the symbolic uses that the pattern has had, one ws that it represented a path to enlightenment.  You’re meant to walk to maze, clear your mind and allow for inspiration.

I didn’t walk it today.  But I sat near it, following the path with my eyes. I’ve always been drawn to the symbol and want to walk this one for the first time when my head really IS clear. Today I would have been dwelling on a frustratingly pointless meeting this morning at work and it would have served no purpose.

I’m also slightly nervous of inspiration at the moment. My moments of inspiration usually shake up a lot of status quo things and right now I could use to let this status quo settle in, which it still hasn’t. I’m falling asleep too early, waking up too early, getting to work too early. It’s as if my whole being is out of synch.

Perhaps walking the labyrinth will allow me to realize how to deal with it.  Perhaps nothing will happen.  Perhaps I’ll get some great inspiration about our current short-term fertility plan for long-shot IUIs or for hubby’s job search (summer is really a horrible time to be looking for a job!).

But whenever I walk it, I want to be ready.



  1. the labyrinth seems like a nice analogy to the maze of infertility and life in general. some avenues are dead ends. but thankfully we have the ability to grow from these experiences…

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