Posted by: perchancetodream | July 20, 2008

Walking My Cat and a Big Sigh of Relief

I know that sounds either like something obscene or like a strange yoga position but actually that’s what we tried to do this weekend.

Aside from the 2 weeks after her birth when she lived somewhere on the streets of the Bronx, my cat has no idea of the greater outside.  Our apartment windows in NY pretty much overlooked brick walls and I’ve no idea where she thought we went when we too the dog out and thankfully, she never tried to run out to see.

All that changed with our move.  We have a huge backyard so whenever we go out there with the dog she stands at the door and meows pitifully.  She’s such a nutcase that I wasn’t about to try to just let her out so yesterday we bought her a harness and leash. And she actually seems to like it.  We tied it to the end of the deck so that she could sit with us but not get too far away and while that ended up with the dog wearing her like a fur scarf at one point when when she went exploring, it seemed to work overall.

We also discovered a ton of shopping this weekend.  It’s very funny because my husband loves the country and I love the city but we were both overjoyed to find middle American suburbia.  Tar.get just made both of us squeal with joy as we stocked up on all sorts of things we thought we needed.

In weightier news, I think we have a fertility plan.

As much as we both want to do IVF, the cost at the local clinics just can’t be justified given their success rates in my age group.

My COBRA insurance covers IUIs with only a co-pay and covers the drugs as well for about $50. So I’m going to call what seems to be the better of the 2 clinics tomorrow and see if I can get in for a consult and then we’ll go from there.

In the meantime, I’m going to research, but not proceed on, adoption.  Once hubby is working and we see what happens with the IUIs, we’ll make a decision then.  I know that hubby is worried about the financial aspects of this, as am I, but I’m completely relieved to now have a plan.



  1. glad you’ve got a plan. and how cute, cat on a leash!

  2. I love plans! I used to avoid plans but since IF I’ve been all about the way forward…my plans tend to go in monthly increments…

    My cat would LOVE to go out on a leash — but I’ve always thought that if Henry actually made it out of doors he’d yowl so uncontrollably all of the time none of us would ever sleep.

    He’s nearly 17 pounds and rules the roost around here…

    As for Target — as a denizen of the land of Target I have to say we forget how lucky we are — I live very close to…are you ready? The FIRST TARGET STORE EVER.

    That’s right Target 001.



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