Posted by: perchancetodream | June 21, 2008



And now the obsessing starts.

No, not about insurance.  I’ve already contacted the major companies who laughed and told me that no one offers any sort of pre-natal coverage for temporary insurance.  Gotcha.  So either I’m not pregnant and I’ll go the cheap route or I am and COBRA it is.

No, now I’m obsessing about symptoms/lack of.

Yesterday I felt delightfully crampy, burpy, etc.  We went to our last Broadway show while we’re living here and hubby got a beer, the smell of which made me queesy.

Then we walked and walked and walked.  That wasn’t the plan but even 14 years of living in New York doesn’t mean that you remember where all subway stops are, particularly on lines you never usually take.

Today I had to get up to go to the clinic for my progesterone check (I guess it was okay because they didn’t call me), then to acupuncture and then home. And….the cramps are gone. Still a little burpy, have some cm, and TIRED (but then I was up late last night, up early this morning and hey, we’re still packing!).

I know that implantation is meant to take place today or tomorrow. And I know all the stories about people who have no symptoms. But I don’t ever believe that I’ll be one of them.

For now, we wait. Seven days to beta. Nine days to move.

We have a tentative going away meet up planned at a favorite pub for next Saturday, the day of beta. I’m either going to be not drinking and on cloud nine or sobbing into my beer. Feel free to tell me that I’m out of my mind for doing all of this at the same time.

A big thank you to all of you who have posted your good wishes, particularly Infertility Bites who reminded me that somehow the logistics/finances always work out somehow.  I’m going to try not to focus on them for the remainder of this week…..



  1. Here from NCLM–good luck with the upcoming beta! And it really is true–you always find a way to make the finances work if you are pregnant/have a baby/babies. I mean, there’s just no other option, and the positives so outweigh the negatives that you end up not caring so much about not eating out as often 🙂

  2. Ah, the two week wait — well a bit less now — I hope it goes by quickly and result in a nice, definitive positive.

    – all things crossed,


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