Posted by: perchancetodream | June 17, 2008

Blogging Versus Talking

Transfer Day

I started this blog for purely selfish reasons.  I needed the outlet and writing has always given me that. In addition to the outlet though, I’ve found an amazing, supportive community.  Some of you I’ve gotten to know either in person or through e-mail.  Some just through your blogs.  But each of your comments has helped me through this confusing and emotionally draining process.  So thanks!!!!! 🙂

One other side effect of blogging: It’s allowed me to use the refrain “read the blog” to the select real-life friends and family who know of it.

This practice has worked and not worked.  It’s definitely given me the space to NOT have to tell five different people about the day’s failings; about why my body can’t seem to do what it was designed to do and procreate. Oh, I don’t mind the 5-minute update as part of a conversation but to have to rehash the whole thing to anyone who calls/e-mails/asks is more emotionally draining than the actual procedures.

Some of my friends/family get this. And although my time has been sucked into the IVF/MOVING/CHANGING JOBS vortex, leaving me little time for communications of any sort, it makes things easier for me when we do speak/write and they’re at least up to date on the details.

In some cases though, I think that people have taken my “read the blog” refrain to mean that I don’t want to otherwise hear from them which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I want to hear about your jobs, your marriages, your dates, even your kids (in small doses).

I love this crazy online community filled with witty women (and men) who so deserve to see their dreams realized.But I also love my real life friends who have been part of my landscape for so long.  So to all of you who get the “read the blog” message….know that I’m still here, thinking about you, still here for you, still needing your unique brands of craziness in my life.

Now back to the originally-scheduled IVF blog….

It is transfer day.  And I watch the phone not ringing with a mix of feelings.  No call means that we have embryos to transfer today (YAY!!!).  But no call also means that they aren’t moving me to a 5dt. I know that success rates aren’t drastically different between 3d and 5d but I was hoping for lots of wonderfully developed eggs that would be sure to make it in their current petri-dish homes.

That being said, I’ll take what I can get! 🙂

Life in progesterone-shot land also continues.  Hubby has continued to do a stellar job with them and I’ve barely felt anything although the welts are starting to form so I sense this might get more difficult.  Also, I’m having rather serious side effects such as intense cramps and frequent bouts of night-time peeing, which I never get.  Hmmm…….

Anyhow, back with you later with hopefully some good news!


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