Posted by: perchancetodream | June 15, 2008


Yesterday’s retrieval went well.  The thing I was struck with was how very different (in a good way) my clinic’s operation room and set-up from from the horrible abortion mill I was forced to have my D&C in (because it was Christmas week and the operating rooms at both my clinic and my gyn’s office were closed).

We were escorted in.  Questions were answered.  The anesthesiologist made me laugh. A local was even given before they put the needle in my hand.  And then I drifted off to sleep and that was that.  Wasn’t too sore last night and today I feel fine although I’m a bit fuzzy still from the medication.

They retrieved 11 eggs.  On today’s call, they told me that we didn’t need ICSI (go sperm!), 5 eggs were mature and had fertilized and one looked like it might catch up.  I was hoping for more; was hoping for 4 to implant this time and 4 to freeze.  At my age, my clinic transfers an average of 3.2 and as this might be my only shot, I’m hoping they’re go for the higher amount. But, of course I’m glad that we DO have the 5/6 at this point.  Now I have to pray that they stick around.

I’m booked in for a day 3 transfer (Tuesday) with the head honcho doctor at the clinic (the one doctor there I haven’t met yet).  If my embryos and I make it to day 5 (Thursday) I’ll end up with a doctor I really like.  I’m sad that my own doctor won’t be doing this but I know that he has to sign off on my records and is watching the progress so that’s okay.

I’m planning on doing acupuncture before and after my transfer even though it means hauling down to chinatown.  I’m not sure how that really plays in the idea of bedrest.  Is it worth it?  I don’t want to leave any stones unturned so I’ll probably do it.

Tonight begins the scary progesterone shots. I had the nurse in the operating theater draw x’s on me for them but they’re so much lower that we were told to do that I think we’re going to aim for the same spot of the HCG shot and hope for the best.  Tomorrow I’ll head to the clinic to have proper circles drawn on.

I’m not sure how people manage to schedule these shots anyhow.  There are nights when hubby will be away and my friend peesticksandstones is generously loaning me her husband; there are nights we’ll be going out and I think I’m going to ask a co-worker to do them or hubby will need to come to my office and we’ll sequester ourselves in the handicapped bathroom.  What’s making this harder is that there are a number of places we want to go for the “last” time as we’re leaving the big city on July 1 (beta will be June 28).  And there is NOOOOO way I’m letting hubby near me with a needle after he’s had a drink.  So that bit is all going to be interesting.

And the packing continues.  And the arguing with the moving company (who is charging us $500 extra so that we don’t have to wait an undetermined 5-14 days to get our stuff yet keeps moving their estimated timing farther and farther apart). And trying to finish up at work even though my lovely boss (she really is!) keep throwing new projects at me because she’s terrified she won’t find anyone to replace me who can handle them.  I HAVE however finished up my lingering freelance assignments and hopefully no more will come on offer because I can’t turn down the chance to (1) make money and (2) write something for hire.

But in the meantime, really, these are just all diversions.  My mind is with our little embryos floating around in the petri dishes of our clinic.



  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your little embies grow like crazy!! Go blasts!!!

  2. sending all kinds of good wishes for you this week.

  3. Praying for those sweet embies!

  4. Glad to hear that retrieval went well. Best wishes for the transfer!

  5. Happy for you guys. I do so hope all continues to go well! Don’t know how you manage to do it ALL tho. I’d be in a spin. 😀 Well I am in a spin. But you know what I mean.


  6. Here’s wishing you happy and healthy embryos turning into happy and healthy pregnancy! Good luck with the transfer!

  7. sending lots of embryo mojo your way!
    As for the PIO shots- you can TOTALLY manage them. I actually like doing the myself (but I am a control freak!)

  8. I’m crossing my fingers for you. Good luck!

    (Here via NCLM)

  9. I think five is a fine number. I ended up four embryos with at 41. Good luck with the transfer!

  10. That’s a great report – seriously, the one thing I’m most afraid of for IVF and here you’ve gone and made it sound simple. And a great fertilization report. Yeah for you! Go embies go!

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