Posted by: perchancetodream | June 12, 2008

I’m Not Freaking Out…Really I’m NOT…

Okay, yes I am….

Just got the call from the clinic and HCG shot is to be given by my brave hubby at 12.30am tomorrow morning with the retrieval planned for Saturday.

The timing, as usual, sucks.  I needed the weekend to pack.  We had our going away get together planned for Saturday night and we’re now going to have to delay that until after the beta….

AND out of five doctors at the clinic, I’m getting the one that I like the least.  I’m sure she’s competent, she just has NO bedside manner.  That also means that I have no chance of getting “my” doctor for the transfer although I could possibly get peesticksandstones’ doctor, which would make her very jealous.

We still don’t have anything locked in with our movers.  A realtor is coming tonight to show our apartment. We’re having boxes delivered and now I have 2 days to basically pack my life up.

NOW I’m feeling over-whelmed.  Please send a deep breath my way….



  1. Maybe being busy is a good thing, you know, to keep your mind off stuff.

    But I’m sending you each calming vibe I can finde.


  2. Wow! Trigger shot already?! That’s so awesome. You’re so so close. Sending lots of warm wishes for your weekend. And that your retrieval will be smooth and recovery fast!

  3. best of luck with this cycle AND the move! you are a brave woman.

  4. wow, lots of things happening for you.

    Anyhow, I wish you success this cycle!

  5. That’s why I am not even going to TRY this month, period! You are my hero, 😀

    Deep Breaths, BIG HUGS!

  6. No kidding — deep breaths sent your way — absolutely — I always have to tell myself “In a week this will look better”… the long view often helps for me…

    Lots and lots of luck and even more deep breaths,


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