Posted by: perchancetodream | June 5, 2008

And So It Begins….

Cd 1

This cycle starts our first, and perhaps only (but I hope not regardless of the outcome), try at IVF.  Tomorrow I go in for blood and ultrasound; collect my medications, hubby starts antibiotics and I start injecting huge amounts of Follistim.

My only concerns in the short-term are:

1. I’m pretty darn sure that I have cysts left from my last cycle.  Dr. Celebrity promises that very few IVF cycles are canceled due to cysts but you know…I’ve got a habit of being the one in a million for things going wrong.

2. Given the way I respond to Follistim (too well), the thought of taking 450 of it a day is freaking me out more than a little.  But I have faith in Dr. Celebrity and in my clinic and they assure me that this is the right amount for me to start with so that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m also already freaking out about the progesterone shots.  Hubby hates needles.  I hate pain.  This is NOT going to be fun.

As far as the impending move goes, we’ve already started packing and having moving estimators out. I really like the company who was out today but they’re all more expensive than I was hoping for (of course!).  There is a chance that friends will be available to drive us out in a truck but we won’t know until this weekend.

Oh and tomorrow is our 6th anniversary.  The year of iron, wood, and sugar.  We’re going to my favorite restaurant in NYC (hubby doesn’t mind – he isn’t quite the culinary snob I am! 🙂 ) where I intend to partake of one of their lovely, perfect gin martinis.   Should be fun!  I’d share my iron, wood, and sugar gifts plans but you know how things written on the internet get out! 🙂



  1. sorry about the bfn. wishing you well on your impending move and upcoming cycle. and happy anniversary!

  2. HEY THERE! Ready, set GO! Stay positive! You inspire me! I am 12dpo, waiting to test, packing up the house, dreading my bosses visit tomorrow. Pray ing that he doesn’t look at me cross-eyed. GIGGLE!

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Good luck with your IVF cycle! Don’t worry too much about the progesterone shots, like everything else you’ve been through, you’ll discover that you can manage it just fine.

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