Posted by: perchancetodream | May 22, 2008

Back to School


Usually one to put all my eggs in one basket (I know, unfortunate analogy but its true!), I’m uncharacteristically being forced to branch out this time and that isn’t such a bad thing.

Tuesday was our IUI. Yesterday we went in for our IVF orientation session. My first reaction was….hmmmm….my previous feeling was right- this really IS what the clinic focuses on. While the nurses and everyone has been great through our IUI processes, I’ve often had the feeling that IUIs are kind of an afterthought in the high-tech ART world.

The session yesterday began with information that it took me months to learn about my clinic as an IUI patient: what days each doctor is on call, where the fellows fit in, etc…. IUI patients only get instruction on how to administer follistim.

Anyhow…we were one of 4 couples there (well 3.5 as one women’s husband couldn’t attend). I’m not sure about one of the them but one of the couples seemed to be going along the same path as us – IUI veterans pinning their hopes on the ultimate of IVF. The other…sigh….a beautiful blond couple, dripping with diamonds and perfectly dressed going for child NUMBER FOUR at the clinic. I really do with them all the best and they seemed really nice but….how many ways to you really want me to feel inferior???

Anyhow….we went through the whole IVF process, the medication process and the shot process (complete with foam butt in oversized panties!). My husband who can’t watch a shot being giving on TV had a very laissez-faire attitude towards giving me the shots that will, I fear, last until he has an actual needle in his hands. I do plan on taking advantage of the clinic’s offer to draw a circle in the appropriate part of my nether regions however. I’d rather look silly than have a progesterone needle in my sciatic nerve (sorry, I have one friend who is going to read that and relive a few years of back and nerve pain…apologies!).

Because we’ve been approved for the state grant, the otherwise overwhelming billing discussions weren’t relevant to us but the other couples mentioned that their insurances didn’t cover IVF. OY! And because we’re covered by the grant, the medicine is automatically ordered and ready when we need it.

We did have to sign a lot of forms declaring our intentions for the eggs should one of us die or should we divorce or decide to stop the process with eggs still frozen or left over.  We hadn’t really thought about this before but came to the same decisions although I’m acutely aware that more than one Law & Order episode has been based on the issue.

I did have to question the follistim prescription though. I’ve read that 450 is the max amount given. When I first joined my clinic for my first medicated IUI, I also scheduled an IVF (that was canceled because I was recovering from my D&C at the time and which we could never have afforded anyhow) and my initial protocol was to start with 450 of follistim.

And that was fine. But during my first medicated IUI cycle, I started with 250. And I ended up with 8 follicles at one point and came very close to canceling that cycle (which we got pregnant with). Since then, I’ve been on 150 which has resulted in an average of 3 follicles. This past cycle (due to the herbs/acupuncture???), 150 almost proved to be too much. I’m not sure what the final count was (I suspect 4) but 2 days before the IUI, we measured 6 large follicles. And I had a previously unexperienced side effect of having my feet swell up to the point that I had no real shoes I could wear comfortably.

So 450….um….yes, I know we don’t have a lot of chances at this and we want a ton of eggs but…..I’m envisioning my body totally freaking out, producing 35 eggs and my not being able to move just at the time I’m going to need to pack our house up and move. I’ve checked this with Dr. Celebrity who confirms that he wants me to start on 450 and I know that if I don’t trust him implicitly, there is no real point to going to one of the best clinics in the country. So I’ll do 450 with a smile on my face. Or something like that! 🙂

As for the IUI cycle….I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was hopeful but with so much else going on, I’m not fixated on it….which might not be a bad thing in the long run!



  1. the dosage sounds high but they can always adjust it. I hope you told them about the side effect you had before…

    in the meantime, best of luck in the 2ww!

  2. Congratulations on your IVF grant, it sounds like everything is ready to roll!!

    Good luck during the 2WW, you’ll be in my thoughts.

  3. I totally agree that once you move to IVF you feel like a first class citizen. We went from IVF to IUI, and so I’ve seen both sides and felt totally ignored going backward. Looking forward to getting some attention with IVF next month.

    Best wishes for a speedy 2WW!!

  4. I hope that you don’t have to proceed with the IVF, but if you do good luck. At least you have a grant to help easy your mind about the cost of the procedure. By the end of your IVF (if you need it), you’ll be a pro at giving yourself the shots. I like the idea of a circle to mark the spot!

  5. I think my husband is almost hoping for injectables. He wants to stab me for being so pessamistc and constantly using the word barren.

    I hope all goes well with this IUI. Draw the circle, I would 🙂

    BTW, here through NaComLeavMo but will be back.

  6. Wow – what an in-depth class! We were in a room with one nurse who showed us about the injections and that was it. I highly recommend the bullseye on the bum – we even had to retrace it a few time when showering and the alcohol pads rubbed some off! Hope this iui works for you! Here from NCLM

  7. I’m from NCLM, Have you asked how many eggs your body is capable of producing per cycle? Maybe it has a cap on it? I know that is reaching a bit but I was hoping to put you at ease a little. maybe each ovary has a maximum of 6 follicles per cycle or something, you know a dozen eggs seems to be a generally accepted amount and all. :0)

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