Posted by: perchancetodream | May 14, 2008

Manic Multitasking

CD 5

First, a heartfelt apology to those I know in the real world who I haven’t spoken to in the last few days and who are going to get all sorts of information from this post that I should have told them in person but haven’t had time to. Forgive me?

That being said, I’m not really sure where to start.

First off, we’ve started an IUI cycle. Same amount of follistim, etc, etc….I was hoping that since this is pretty much the end of our IUI road, he might have bumped me up a bit but no…..crazy almost non-existent period this month though. I’m not sure if that’s down to the acupuncture or crazy herbs (which I am SO not going to miss) or my general stress level at the moment. But all being said, my numbers were great: FSH 6.4 and estrodol 33. Probably the best I’ve had so far and not bad for being 42!

Of course the IUI will end up falling some time during our board meeting at work and for the first time ever, my boss is being a bit of a pain and telling me that she won’t let me out of the meeting for the procedure should it fall during one or two crucial times. ARGH!

But I’ve got my fingers crossed and now I just need everything to work! 🙂

Speaking of work…..I’ve survived one of the most frustrating and drawn-out contract negotiations to land the out-of-state job. YAY! Every other job I’ve taken has gone like this: Employer offers salary/package. I’ve either taken it, said no or come back with a counter offer at which employer can accepted or not.

This one has involved crazy things like a cash incentive to move WAY before I really want to (they want me to start in very early July), a guaranteed commission to bring me up to the very lowest salary I was willing to accept. Why not just give me the salary? Because they’re afraid that their other employees (all of whom are almost 20 years younger than I am) will find out and be hurt. Um….I have 20 years professional experience and I can’t imagine that any of their existing employees, some of whom I know, wouldn’t understand that. Unless of course, they’re making so much less than the very low salary I’ve accepted that they really would be upset. Anyhow so they wanted to offer me the commission annually and I had to point out that no, I needed that amount to pay for little things like food and electricity so we compromised on quarterly.

Next step is getting hubby to go visit over Memorial Day weekend just to make sure he likes it (and to do some apartment hunting) and so that I can sign some sort of contract and get my incentive and relocation checks.

However….because I can never do anything the easy way, we’ve also decided that, should this IUI not work, we’re going to do IVF NEXT MONTH. Before we leave. In the midst of packing and finish work and freelance assignments and seeing friends and….I must be out of my mind.

But the NYS IVF grant only covers monitoring at my clinic, new employer’s insurance doesn’t kick in for 90 days, etc., etc……It just seems like the best option although the timing is going to be tight and even thinking about it makes my head spin. The only good thing for me is that the grant covers 2 IVFs (or one IVF and an FET) so I don’t have to think of this as my last ever chance. Hopefully there will be one more if we need it and then I’ll sort out the coming to NYC for the procedure bit.

There is some concern about my new very small employer in that they have no maternity leave policy and their huge fear is that I’ll move there and end up on bed rest for 7 months. Um….yeah…I don’t love that thought either. I’ll do my best to keep that from happening. They also have no 401K, no life insurance and had to call their health insurance consultant to find out how much it would be to cover my husband because none of their employees are married. Sigh….no gain without risk, right????

I alternate between being very excited (about the work, in some ways about the move, and in the promise of IVF success) and absolutely terrified (about….well….everything).

If anyone has a few extra hours in their day that they can send me, please do. I think I need more than 24 at this point! 🙂



  1. congrats on the job. sounds like there will be some challenges to leave the perks behind. is this the job you wrote about with the crazy interview? hope your h ub likes the area and you find a great new place.

    wishing you the best for this cycle, of course. I hope if you need to do IVF that you can let go of some of the other stuff for a short while. an out of state move is huge, but you don’t want a ton of stress on top of all the meds, etc. you’ve got a lot going on!

  2. Congratulations on the new job! You have to love the rationale companies give for doing things a “certain” way.

    Good luck with your your cycle!

  3. ‘Manic Multitasking’ is the perfect title for your post! I am a little stressed just reading about it.

    It’s a funny place to be, being crossed between excited and terrified. They can both turn your stomach!

    Wishing you tons of luck on everything!

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