Posted by: perchancetodream | May 7, 2008

Life in Limboland…

I’m getting bored watching the phone not ringing.

I’d love to be happy and excited about my conversation with Dr. Celebrity yesterday.  And at some point I will be.

As soon as I can start making plans.

But at this point I’ve still yet to know what state I’m going to be living in when and if we get to the point of IVF (which OF COURSE I’m hoping we don’t need but it’s nice to know that it’s there if we do!)

I’m still waiting for Mr. Company Owner to call me and let me know (1) if they want me for the job and (2) if they can offer any sort of salary that I’m in a position to accept.

I called yesterday as requested and then followed up with an e-mail this morning that he answered with an apology for not calling back yesterday and a promise to “try to call you a little bit later.”  Unfortunately, like most business owners, his mind isn’t bound by normal office hours.  He could well call me at 10pm tonight.

In the meantime I replied to the other employer who told me that they have a new position opening up back in the Midwest.  I told him that I was in the midst of negotiations but was willing to talk in the meantime and he very nicely wrote that I should take my time sorting out whatever I needed to and then get back to him. Why I like the Midwest over NYC.  Here I’d already be out of the running.

So now, I’m sitting here watching the clock.  I know that we’re doing an IUI cycle starting next week but beyond that, my future is one big fuzzy blur until the phone rings….



  1. I must commiserate GAWD hate waiting for a phone that is slow to ring. Especially whe your waiting for news about something so important.

    A few weeks ago as I waited for park approval. It seemed everyone involved forgot my phone number. I was nearlly in tears ANd ready to back out of any verbal deals I had made by the time they di finally call, days later.

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