Posted by: perchancetodream | May 6, 2008

One Down, One to Go

After spending too much time the last 2 days watching the phone not ring, I’ve finally made process by speaking with Dr. Celebrity.

The upshot is this:

* Not surprisingly, he wants me to stop the very expensive and horrible tasting herbals prescribed by my acupuncturist with the start of the next IUI cycle (no surprise there).

* The NYS grants are approved and good to go.  At least from the doctors’ standpoint.  The grant coordination department hasn’t been given any of the new details yet so….

* My clinic is currently booking IVFs for as soon as June/July…..YIPES!  Well, I suppose if the next IUI doesn’t work and the job comes through I could at least get the IVF in before moving.  That being said, Dr. Celebrity has a thankfully lose definition of residency and it sounds like it wouldn’t be a problem for me to come back and have the procedure here and get the grant even if I’ve just moved.

AND….the best of it is that if we’re still here and we decide that we can’t afford IVF, he’d agree to a few more medicated IUI cycles.  You know, he could have said that a few months ago and kept me from freaking out about that!

So one major potentially life-altering call down….one to go……



  1. glad you’re getting close to a game plan. my RE didn’t want me to take the nasty herbs during our IVF cycle because she thought it could interfere with the meds. (my acu is trained to supplement the IVF protocol, but that didn’t matter.) I think they fear what they don’t know. ~luna

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