Posted by: perchancetodream | April 30, 2008

Just a Quick Update…

…before I leave town (yipes!).

Thanks to all who have commented and please keep doing so!!! I need all the ideas I can get at this point.

First off, I just received notice that the New York State Infertility grant IS on for this year. My contact at my clinic said that there are some contractual changes though that the doctors are meeting about on Monday and then she’ll get back to me, so we’ll see.

Should that all happen AND I get and take this new job….well, let’s just say that scheduling is going to be a real nightmare. But then again…I do tend to have everything happen all at once! 🙂

As far as your comments go:

preconceivednotions: Thanks for that link to CCIVF. I’m not in NJ but I am in NY (at least for the moment!). I’ve written them to get some more info.

Heidi: Yup – the COBRA thing would make perfect sense IF my insurance covered IVF. But it doesn’t. Just the meds. It covers unlimited IUIs which is what I’ve been coasting on but that won’t help going forward. I just can’t see moving and, at 43, doing that month after month at a cost that we can’t sustain.

Em: I’ve looked into INCIID – the only problem is that I’m almost 43 and I don’t know if I could wait the year or so that they estimate it could take.  But it’s been in the back of my mind to try anyhow….


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