Posted by: perchancetodream | April 29, 2008

Fresh Ideas Urgently Needed

So it’s CD17 of this “off” cycle – although it’s not completely off as I’ve been doing acupuncture, chinese herbals (including the most heinous tasting “tea” imaginable) and we’ve been trying hard to time things correctly.

And on Thursday I’m off to meet with the powers that be about the dream job that is beginning to look much less dreamy. Don’t get me wrong- the JOB still looks amazing, the chance to move someplace Hubby might like still sounds like an opportunity from heaven.

HOWEVER….have crunched the numbers of the upper salary range that they’re considering (there is nothing on paper at this point), it’s looking like a struggle (basically I’d be losing 1/3 of my current salary). One that we could potentially deal with by paying off our debt slower and not actually saving anything but a struggle none-the-less depending on the actual figure and what type of job hubby managed to get.

Here’s the clincher. Their insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee) doesn’t seem to cover infertility. I haven’t seen their specific plan but I’ve asked a friend there to look at is and she didn’t see anything mentioned. BC/BS’s TN website doesn’t list infertility at all, even as a rider option.

As a last-ditch effort, I wrote my current HR people to see what COBRA (keeping my current insurance) would cost. $681/month is the answer to that one. Or basically about the same that a 2 BR apartment would cost us.

And so dear readers, I turn to you. Is there any way, short of putting another $20K on credit cards that you know of to fund infertility treatments. Any self-insurance? Any programs (keeping in mind that I’m 42) that can somehow turn this potentially bleak situation into something workable?

Please leave a comment or e-mail me at perchancetodream2 at gmail dot com.




  1. you can try INSIID to see if you qualify for their free IVF program. Google it and see what happens. Good luck

  2. Don’t know where you are OR if you qualify but check this out!

  3. If you do one IVF and it takes, say, 2 months, then with cobra you’re only $1400 out-of-pocket, plus any copays & deductibles. Not too crazy bad depending on your coverage details and whether your doc is in- or out-of-network.

    You can get a personal loan from your bank, or refinance any properties you own, or take out a second mortgage. All of these things are likely to have lower interest rates than a credit card.

    I was going to suggest a 401K loan, but if you change jobs you have to pay it back immediately, so it won’t work for your situation.

    Best of luck with your job decision!!

  4. Here thanks to Stirrup Queen. I have no brilliant suggestions but can tell you that BCBS through the state employees health plan in NC covers the drugs and the monitoring. This latter part isn’t official, but if the stuff gets submitted, they cover it.

    I learned this from my RE’s office based on their prior experience. If you are looking at a big health plan, is there an RE whose office is likely to have had enough experience with it to give you a report? Many do have “financial counselors” (or is that kneecap breakers, but they can be helpful before you get started…).

  5. Also here thanks to Mel at Stirrup Queens…Capital One offers health care financing. And the rates are generally lower than a credit card.

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