Posted by: perchancetodream | April 24, 2008

One Step Down the Line

Thanks for all of the comments, emails, and good wishes for this job situation.  After a lot of back-and-forth calls, some frank discussions, and some negotiations, I’m going down (and over) there next Thursday to meet with the powers that be.

Since last writing, I’ve learned that taking the job will involve quite a sizable paycut, but that it is in a state without state and local taxes. Honestly, I didn’t realize how much we were paying in state tax until I ran the hypothetical salary through a calculator and saw that the end amount wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared.  That’s the good bit and now I’m getting excited about going down there and potentially changing my life next week.

I’ve also learned that the job is in a state with no mandated infertility insurance.  Of course.

So…should I not get pregnant this natural cycle, or with the next IUI AND get the job AND we decide that its the right place for us to live AND their insurance doesn’t cover any infertility treatments, my options seem to be:

  • Coming back to my current clinic (assuming the insurance offered is an insurance the clinic accepts) for the round(s) of IVF and paying full price.
  • Coming back to my current clinic and somehow being able to use the state grant
  • Going to a clinic with a horrible success rate there and paying full price.
  • Turn down the job, stay here and pray that IVF works
  • Forget the whole thing and begin looking into adoption without ever trying IVF.

You know, I’m just not loving those options……

I hoping that some currently hidden brainstorm rears it’s head. Or that we win the lottery.



  1. I vote for winning the lottery – good luck to you…

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