Posted by: perchancetodream | April 18, 2008

Eastern Wind

Wednesday night I saw my new acupuncturist.  I found him through an internet search (of course) and an article in the New York Times. I’ve seen 2 acupuncturists before so there was no real surprise involved but I wanted to see someone who specialized in infertility.  I never really got the feeling that my last acupuncturist knew what she was doing in terms of infertility – like she’s read all the right books but nothing was intuitive.

I found Dr. Needles’ Chinatown office with no problems.  The building was filled with chinese insurance companies, doctors and other offices.  I think I might have been the only one there who spoke fluent English! Anyhow, I walked past the wall of baby pictures and notes from grateful parents and was greeted by his receptionist, filled out the necessary paperwork and had my blood pressure and pulse checked.

Then I had the consult with the doctor.  One of the reasons I wanted to see him was because he’s not only an acupuncturist but an MD.  That totally showed in the questions he was asking me and the infertility-related terms he threw about.  He told me about the woman with an FSH of 30 and PCOS who was told she could never get pregnant – yet did after a few months of seeing him.  He kept telling me about women he’s helped and it was easy to see that he was proud of that.

After taking my history he said that his guess for my infertility issues had to do with cervical mucus (or the lack of). He said that I should drink a glass of whole milk every day or eat a scoop of ice cream – FINALLY, someone puts me on the ice cream diet!!!! – and said “If you’re worried about gaining weight, I promise that once you’re pregnant, I’ll let you stop”.   He said that I should only eat whole grains and replace animal protein with vegetable protein (easier said than done when you have a husband whose first question is always “Where’s the meat?”).  He said that I should come in 2-3 times a week.

Then came the acupuncture.  Instead of the 30 or so needles that my previous acupuncturist was using, he used 10.  He put them in so quickly, I honestly didn’t feel any of them go in.  I have to admit to missing the niceties though – the chiming music (or any music), the framed prints of china and chinese symbols on the wall.  But then I guess he doesn’t need them.

After he took the needles out, he gave me the herbs: 2 pills to be taken twice a day, a packet of herbs to be brewed into tea (or sludge which is more accurate) to be taken twice a day.  I knew what the cost of my appointment would be (less than the acupuncturist I’d been seeing) but I was completely unprepared for the price of the herbs.  $30 for the pills and $100 for the herbs – and that’s just for 2 weeks.  YIPES!  I figure that we can suck it up for the month though and see what happens.  It would certainly be cheaper than IVF….

Now I’m enjoying 2 days off from work.  Spring has descended on the City but I’m doing some cleaning, going to the gym, just taking care of overdue work.  I’m back to acupuncture tomorrow and then will have time to play in the sunshine.

I have to admit to liking this break so far. The guilt has pretty much receded and I think I’ll go into our next cycle feeling much more renewed and optimistic than I would have, had we just started another round of IUI right away.



  1. hope the new acu goes well. 2-3x/week can get very expensive. I had to limit mine to 1x/wk, though my acu (also an eastern MD) wanted me to come in 2x/wk. with my sludge herbs at $8/day, I was already spending about $700/month going 1x/wk. crazy! ~luna

  2. i hadn’t thought of accupuncture as a treatment for infertility before. however, i have used it for general physical therapy and wow, what a release! a friend of mine has infertility issues, and while doing research i came across this website on dietary supplements in regards to female infertility and found that taking propolis and vitamin C supplements can promote fertility! i didn’t know there were more natural forms of medication for fertility. hope the site helps you out some, too!

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