Posted by: perchancetodream | March 29, 2008

And On We Go…

IUI #6b complete.

Funny….I’ve always had cramping after IUIs. This double one – nothing. Even though I’ve got more sperm in me than in our last 3 IUIs put together (sorry dad, if you’re reading this!).

I’ve actually read that post-iui cramping is actually from ovulation and that is, of course, the big question mark in this cycle as I had an LH surge detected the morning of the HCG shot. And of course, nothing can just go as expected.

So now we wait and I’ll spend my tww trying not to let this sore throat/cough thing turn into bronchitis, prepping my old Ipod for my dad and visiting my grandmother. Some of that should keep me occupied and at least I doubt the store in my grandmother’s assisted living apartment sells pregnancy tests! 🙂



  1. good luck distracting yourself in the 2ww. and hope you’re taking some vitamin c! ~luna

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