Posted by: perchancetodream | March 19, 2008

All Systems Go

CD 2

On the heels of the conversation yesterday with Dr. Celebrity and trying to get my head around it all, I went in for my blood and u/s this morning.  Some days in the clinic you get the bigwig doctors who take a bit of time and tend to give decisive answers and some mornings you get the fellows who seem reluctant to commit to anything.

So this morning I get the “Hmmm…there is a cyst but I think it’s just the corpus luteum  so you should be fine but we won’t really know until we get the blood work back” speech from a fellow. Grrr…..

Six hours later I get the call from favorite nurse that all is well and I begin follistim shots again tonight.  I was hoping I’d influenced Dr. Celebrity to up my dose a bit though to no avail.  See in October, they started me at 250mg (based on my age, I’d guess) and we ended up with 8 potential follicles at one point that they were able to lower to 4 by triggering time.  And what do you know, I got pregnant – even though it ended badly.

In the January, “textbook” cycle, we started at 150 and I ended up with 2 follicles and a chemical pregnancy where the miscarriage began on day 12 and I bled for 10 days.

And wouldn’t you know that that’s the cycle he’s duplicating.  I know that they don’t want  too many follicles, OHSS, chance of multiples, etc, etc,  Got it.  But I’d really like more than 2 to try with! Given that I don’t have that many chances left and all.

One thing I’d like advice on: Has anyone had to fly and travel during the TWW? I need to get home to visit my family before I’m disowned (it’s been a while) and since I’m such a good responder (lucky me!), I’m monitored like crazy before the IUI. So unless I take a month off, the only time I can go is during the TWW. I should mention that there is a fair bit of stress involved with going home which I know won’t help at the same time, most of the weekend will be spent sitting and talking to my 95 year-old grandmother so I won’t be doing heavy lifting.  Any suggestions on this one????



  1. My RE said travel during the 2WW was fine. In fact, I had a cross country flight the day after my third IUI and was gone for 10 days with another cross country flight home at 11dpo — and that was my lucky cycle! I am now 21w5d.

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