Posted by: perchancetodream | March 9, 2008

I Thought This Only Happened in Bad Movies

5 dpiui

I don’t remember the last time I felt so little in the way of symptoms. I’ve basically felt something every day since the IUI in October that ended with a D&C in December. After that, I was healing and waiting for the next cycle. Then I was stimming. Then I was dealing with a chemical pregnancy. Then I was gearing up for this natural cycle and suffering with a cyst. Now I feel nothing. I’d like to be relieved and to relish in this non-feeling. But 5 days post-iui, that doesn’t bode well. Even with the IUIs that haven’t worked, I’ve felt something….

In a move that can only prove that the universe has a wicked sense of humor, we found out today that hubby’s cousin had a baby.  Normally I’d be full of congratulations – hard as it is, I try very hard not to begrudge people the thing I want most. But….wait for it…..she apparently had no idea she was pregnant.  As hubby put it “She went to the doctor complaining of stomach cramps and came out with a baby.”

Yes, she’s overweight but she apparently HAD noticed the weight gain (her doctor told her to join a gym). The kicker is that she already has 2 kids.  How can she not know that she’s pregnant.

Forgive my language but this can only be filed under “What the Fuck”!?!  It’s sometimes hard not to be bitter…



  1. Y’whaaa..?

    She must be pretty far along…and how could she not know, having had two children already?! I mean, come on!

  2. A girl that worked for sis in law same thing. Obese as well ! I can’t even imagine that! I mean, not knowing passed first few weeks.

  3. The very worst part, for me, is that given the culture in her area of Scotland, I can guarantee that she was drinking pints and caffeine, smoking, eating tons of fried food and going on fairground rides. EVERYTHING that we’re told not to do. I mean, I feel guilty knowing that there is some caffeine in my decaf!

    How can you not know, until you’re in labor, that you’re having a baby???? Sigh…what a nice surprise that would be! I’m not holding my breath though!

  4. wtf is right. that’s crazy talk.

    and don’t read too much into your lack of symptoms. so many women don’t feel anything until later, and others overanalyze every little thing and its nothing. the wait is so hard though. ~luna

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