Posted by: perchancetodream | March 8, 2008



Thanks to PeeSticksandStones for reminding me of one thing that infertility has taught me that I forgot to list on my last post. Infertility has definitely taught me that there are amazing and caring people out there in cyberspace, going through the same thing I am who are willing to be supportive and reach out to others even when their own lives are in turmoil. I have no words to express the gratitude that I have for the support that you’ve all given me….

It’s raining today. I love rain particularly when coupled with thunder and lightening but we’re unfortunately missing those. Instead, I’m cooking a very late dinner of spare ribs Provencal and creme freche mashed potatoes. Perfect for a warm winter meal. I’d love a glass of red wine but I’m opting for the non-alcoholic version instead.

Had tons of pinchy cramps yesterday and those strange tingly breast feeling but not much today. I keep comparing everything to the first cycle the I got pregnant on….and in that one I had symptoms that just never let up. For a few days, I had a really good feeling about this cycle but now, I’m not so sure……… I feel quite normal today; something I haven’t felt in a while and I’m not sure I’m liking it.


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