Posted by: perchancetodream | March 6, 2008

Fortune Cookies

We live in one of the rare areas of New York City with no good chinese food. Oh there are a million chinese restaurants that deliver about here but none of them are very good and it always surprises me that we got better chinese food in the UK (and certainly every other part of NYC that I’ve lived in).

But we keep trying.

I always eat the fortune cookies.  Somewhere along the line someone must have said, as a jest, that if you don’t eat the cookie, the fortune doesn’t come true.  My husband hates fortune cookies so I eat his too although I let him share in his own fortune.

A few days ago we go our typically disappointing delivery.  And these were the fortunes:

  • Things are turning for the bright side
  • Some pursue happiness; you create it

If those turn out to be true, I’ll never complain about goopy sauces and lack of spice again.



  1. We eat chinese about 2-3 times a month. More when we are more settled and feeling like it. They know our phone number and regular order by heart when we call.

    I always take at least a bite of my fortune cookie before reading, Hubby believes the same thing about eating some of it at least before partaking on the fortune itself.

    The latest said on one side “On Time” Hubby is always saying that God’s time isn’t always our time but he is always ‘On time”

    The other said ” you will receive a surprising gift very soon”

    I meant to share this on my BLOG.

    Funny I should read yours.

    Another lately said something about transmuting of passions. That one was cool too.


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