Posted by: perchancetodream | March 5, 2008

When it Rains, it Pours

IUI #5 #3

First off, I’ve decided that our first 2 IUIs didn’t count.  I think I’ve alluded to the various ways in which the clinic (I don’t want to badmouth clinics here but if you’re in NYC and want to know, just e-mail me) messed up our procedures.  From the fact that they refused to use a trigger shot those 2 cycles and instead relied on my reading OPKs to the mangling of hubby’s sperm and the doctor who once took a week to get back to me and almost made me lose a cycle….yeesh….

Completely different at my current clinic and the results have been too.  Okay so we’ve had a miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy but at least something is working…

Anyhow, so yesterday was  IUI 5 or 3 depending on how you look at it.  Hubby went in and did his thing and then the lab called and said that they could run the IUI with the numbers but that they wanted more so he had to go back.  Now note that the numbers they had to start with were better than during either of the mangling-cycles at clinic #1 and not once did mangling clinic give us that option.  Anyhow, hubby’s part taken care of, I went in.

The last 2 cycles I’ve had my favorite nurse who has perfected the art of the painless iui on me.  This time I got her co-worker who I also like but who never quite makes me feel as comfortable (perhaps it’s the fact that she keeps mispronouncing my name even though she once told me that she almost gave it to her daughter). Anyhow, it seems as though she couldn’t find my cervix with a compass. And when she did, she managed to hit something and I almost flew off the table with the jolt of pain.  Um…yeah, that was fun. My first thought is that I didn’t want to conceive a child while in pain.  My next thought was that I wanted to conceive a child regardless so I’d deal.

Then off to acupuncture. I usually don’t get that wonderful sense of post-acupuncture relaxation with this practitioner but yesterday’s was wonderful.  A million needles but she also put a heat lamp on my abdomen and the street noise was muted and I dozed off…it was lovely.

Which prepared me for the fact that my subway line was totally shut down once I tried to get home.  I walked to detour to another line before finding out that my transfer point didn’t work.  Then I ended up taking another train.  All in all my usual 20-minute commute took almost 2 hours.

Then off to a party last night that I had no way of getting out of. All the while trying to schedule a last minute interview for the magazine I write for and the incredibly short deadline I was given.  Turns out that isn’t going to happen though, which is a shame as it would have been a big deal and even though I get paid by them annually and in Euros, it’s still money!

Then this morning my tax guy who is usually a miracle worker writes that he made a mistake when calculating our estimates and instead of having to pay a small sum we’re going to have to pay a really large one.  Ugh….and I’d asked him to rush our taxes because I needed the tax forms to apply for the state IVF grant. How could we possibly pay for the taxes AND IVF?  I’m not sure it’s possible. And knowing that this is our one shot given my age isn’t really putting me in the relaxed post-iui state I feel like I should be in.

So what do I do?  Taking a part-time job on top of what I’m doing will probably tire me out to the point that IVF won’t work anyhow. I could cancel my gym membership but that would only make a very small dent and I really, really want to get in shape. There isn’t a lot else to be cut at the moment because everything is going to paying off international moving debt so that we can…move again…..

I’m feeling a bit penned in.

Coincidentally a friend from the UK posted photos of his new baby yesterday.  There are pregnant people I’m envious of and who I have a hard time dealing with. This friend is not one of those.  I was absolutely thrilled to find out that they were pregnant and their daughter is gorgeous and instead of taking it hard yesterday it felt like an omen. I only pray that it is….

One day down and counting….



  1. best of luck with the iui! sorry it wasn’t so comfortable.

    I always thought that if I got pregnant from an iui I’d create some magical conception story in my head to remember instead of being in the cold sterile florescent room with just my doctor, a strange nurse, and the remnants of my hub in a plastic catheter and my feet in metal stirrups.

    best of luck in the wait. ~luna

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