Posted by: perchancetodream | March 3, 2008

To Sleep…

Following my “I’m not sure I see any follicles” appointment last week, I went back on Saturday and was told that there were two viable follicles: 14mm and 15mm on the left side (the remaining cyst is on the right). I spent the rest of the weekend praying that both follicles stuck around. If I’m doing a natural cycle, I need all the help I can get! 🙂

This morning my actual RE was the one on rounds and said that the lead follicle (the only one he measured) was at 18mm. I don’t know if there were any others of viable size but they triggered me and our IUI is tomorrow. I’ll also be following it up with acupuncture.

More than any other cycle in the past, I’m having problems with the timing of this one. Tomorrow night we’re trekking to the party of a music friend who lives quite a bit away from us. The weather is meant to be horrible, the festivities aren’t meant to begin until 8pm (and this group never does anything on time) and if my past IUIs are any indication, I’m really going to want to go home and crash. No one in this group of people has a day job except for me, so I end up saying “no” to things all the time. And I’ve “no’d” myself in to a corner this time because now I’m obligated to go.

Even more pressing is the fact that I’ve been trying to get home to see my 95-year-old grandmother. I’m her only grandchild, we’re quite close but her difficulty hearing means that phone conversations are near to impossible. One favorite was when I called to tell her that I’d gotten a new job. “A new dog?” she asked. “What was wrong with the old one?”.

Basically, having 14 days between the IUI and beta doesn’t give me a lot of time and fare deals only seem to be good for 28-day advanced purchases. Right now for what it would cost me to fly to the Midwest, I could go to Europe. That’s ridiculous.

Anyhow, I AM grateful to be doing this IUI and have gotten more comfortable with the idea of it being a natural cycle. I’m just a bit frustrated at the timing of everything when, honestly, I’m just so tired all I want to do is sleep.



  1. I understand about the need to sleep. Wish I could sleep for days. Heck I’d settle for 8 hours straight.

    My nana passed last yr at 94. And every day is precious at this point. She sounds like a pip like mine.

    At one point my uncle put her in assisted living home and mom sisters and I took her out to lunch for her birthday in 04. She was so funny in describing her room mate. Who was doped up ALL the time. Her expression so comical. She also scolded me for not zipping up a pair of pants my mother had bought me. I came out of the private bathroom into a private room with no one there but female relatives. I had black spandex panties on. NOthing was showing. TO show mom that they FIT. My nana said ” ZipUP” pointing with her knarled fingers at my protuding spandex and a disapproving look AS if I was walking out into Grand Central wuth toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe . She was a TRIP and sharp as a whip ! I miss her dearly.

    Good Luck with your cycle! HUGS

  2. I really do hear that you feel like you are backed into a corner, and have to say yes, BUT you really need to consider that right now in your life, YOU are the priority.

    When you’re struggling for a baby, it can feel like this time in your life is going on and on forever. But, I guarantee that eventually, this will end, and the time you take to care for yourself now will pay big dividends in the long run.

    Be well!
    marina lombardo

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