Posted by: perchancetodream | February 28, 2008

Ball of Confusion

CD12 and…nothing.  I mean really,  nothing.

Went for my ultrasound and blood this morning in hopes that we’d trigger today for an IUI tomorrow but no go.  My numbers are really low, the doctor this morning (a fellow) said she couldn’t tell if what she saw was a cyst or a follicle.  Umm…that’s just lovely.  Thanks!

I was hoping that when the nurse, who is a great source of information, called that I’d get some enlightenment but she was puzzled too. It sounds like the chemical pregnancy really threw my body for a loop and they want to see me back on Saturday in hopes that the numbers will start to rise.

That means that I’ll miss going to the Celtic Fiddle Festival concert I was hoping to attend tomorrow (I wouldn’t get home until 2am and would then have to get up at 6 to make it to the doctors on Saturday which wouldn’t be a problem except that we have a house guest arriving that day).

The oddest part of this is that I feel as though I’m about to ovulate; a bit sore and all that. This is all very strange…..

I’ve no real problem waiting until next week for the IUI (general impatience aside) and it means that I’ll be up for doing the touristy things we have planned with our friend (such as walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, which neither of us has done before) but I start to get worried when my highly-renowned medical professionals admit to be confused.



  1. The extra days might be just what you need.

    Hoping it is a big fat follicle…. good luck.

  2. Wishing you all the best for Saturday. You’re lucky you have your friend as a bit of a distraction – although I know that it will still be difficult – thinking of you.

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