Posted by: perchancetodream | February 21, 2008

They’re OUT of HCG???

Um….just called my lovely insurance company to arrange delivery of my HCG for this otherwise un-medicated cycle and….they’re out of HCG. How the hell can they be out of HCG?

Waiting now for my clinic to call me and let me know whether they’re giving me something else or they have a secret stash somewhere…..

But can you believe it???

On the plus side…..they said that my prescription plan covers medication regardless of what it is used for. So…$10 for 900ml of Follistim regardless of whether it’s for an IUI or IVF. Hmmmm….that’s good so long as they cover any drugs I might get should we have to go to IVF…..

Assuming it’s in stock of course!

Edit: So I’ve arranged to get HCG from a local pharmacy but according to my doctor’s office, there is a run on HCG at the moment – everyone is snatching it up. A quick google search shows that everyone trying to get it for weight loss has been complaining about a shortage since November.  I wonder if the doctor will give me two just in case….



  1. OUT????

    Totally unbelievable. and silly. And annoying.


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