Posted by: perchancetodream | February 4, 2008

Wishing Well

Having survived Saturday’s early morning wake-up call with the surprise company of my husband (who I’m sure just came because I promised to buy him breakfast afterwards 🙂 ) and subsequent blood work and ultrasound, I went in this morning.

There are three large follicles and a number of “medium” ones. Enough that I got the lecture about the chance of multiples, etc…. They gave me the HCG trigger (thankfully, we don’t have to do this one at home) and we go back tomorrow for IUI #4. And even though I chose to spend money on the gym instead of acupuncture most recently, I’m going to go in for a post-IUI session. It can’t hurt and will make me feel like I’m doing something to help things along.

I’m curious to see how I and my body react to this newest surge of HCG. I’ve finally forgotten those pregnancy twinges and now they’ll be coming back. As I told the nurse this morning, in some ways it seems like forever since the IUI that “worked” in October and the miscarriage in December. And in some ways, this is all happening fast.

Thanks to my current obsession with all thing Tudor, I’ve been working my way through Phillipa Gregory’s books. They’re the perfect blend of history and escapism for me. But what really keeps fascinating me is that all of the women are really defined by their ability to have children – particularly male children. And yet, it was considered a crime to consult a “witch” or physician who could administer “potions” or herbal medicines to help with conception.

I guess I wouldn’t have been a very good Tudor then. For every thought I have about this technology being something that taunts nature and destiny, I have ten thoughts about how I ever so grateful to be living in an age where these procedures are available to me. I think about how happy my mother would have been to be able to take advantage of them when she so desperately wanted another child and couldn’t get pregnant. And I wonder what technologies, as yet undiscovered, await future generations.

For now though, I’m going to go into tomorrow’s IUI with as much calm and peace as I can muster.

On a very sad note, I’d just like to ask that whatever good wishes and prayers anyone has to spare be sent to Mary Ellen at Not According to Plan. Our blogs have formed a tight community and I know that everyone in that community has been deeply saddened by her struggle and the loss of her little girls.



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