Posted by: perchancetodream | January 28, 2008

Here We Go…Here We Go Again…

So, it CD2.  Haven’t had the start of a cycle for a while so I’m finding that I have to get up to speed quickly (how do I give these shots again???).

Once the “oh darn, so I’m not one of those women who will get pregnant 2 weeks after a D&C” feeling subsided yesterday I was quite happy about this cycle beginning although I don’t think I have the same level of magical optimism that I had going into it in October.

Still, my levels are good (actually much better than in October….FSH 7.1 and E44) and they’re starting me on a lower dose of Follistim than last time – just as well as the last one worked so well I almost had to cancel the cycle.

So three days of jabs and then back on Thursday.

One note on my 2 days of meetings at work last week.  Thursday night was dinner with the officers of our executive committee.  All women, most professional volunteers, some with large household staffs. And of course the conversations around the table were based on (1) weight (2) money and (3) babies.  Oh goodie….thankfully my fellow staff members were just as distressed as I was as all of us have issues with one or more of the above.

The only thought-provoking comment that I heard through the whole thing was made by the new VP of my department who is 2 years older than me and has 3kids, 2 of whom are in the process of applying to college! Apparently (and quite surprising as I think she missed out on the sensitivity gene) she used to sell Lupron.  We talked a bit about infertility, her disabled brother, her friend who has a severely autistic child and is trying to now adopt.

Then she recounted a conversation with her husband. She wanted a fourth child and he basically refused, in part out of fear of a disabled child or something else that would tilt their very comfortable status quo and the toll it might take on her.  He ended up convincing her not to pursue it and she said “The thing is, if I had to chose between my husband and my kids, I’d choose them.  But he’s said that he would choose me over the kids.”

At one point or another, I think I’ve heard this from every female friend I have who has kids. Her children are her life. She is her husband’s life. Not having children (yet?) I don’t really know how I feel about this….and I don’t recount this to make any sort of statement.  I really DON’T know how I feel about it or what it says about how attached women are to their children or why (some) fathers don’t feel it the same way. I just found it interesting.



  1. I have heard several similar statements made about men vs. woman and who they choose. Being that I also don’t have kids yet, I guess I just don’t really understand that bond completely. I assume I will feel the same way, but I don’t actually know for sure. Men love their kids, but never birthed them. Maybe something gets lost in translation through that process? I don’t know.

    Wow you work with someone that sold Lupron? I don’t really know why, but in my book, that makes you famous.

  2. My dh is a VERY willing participant in all this. And I know he would be a wonderful father.

    HE WAS more excited than I was when we learned I was pregnant t wo years ago. And that was hard because i felt like mother earth herself.

    But he was So enthusiastic that my midwife Renee called me off to the side to ask if I was being pressured in anyway about this baby. About the recommended testing etc. Had I gotten that far.

    My only worry is to get that far and find out SOMETHING was REALLY wrong.

    Hubby IS very adament about THIS, “We will LOVE/WANT/CARE for our child no matter what!

    Now he teases me about multiples. I tease him back about how he can be the stay at home parent. But both of us our hopeful. VERY hopeful..

    And trusting that GOD has his hand in this.

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