Posted by: perchancetodream | December 21, 2007

7 Things

I’m taking a break from this overwhelming fear and depression because I’ve been tagged by KatrinaJellyBeana to list seven things about myself. I’m actually grateful for the chance to focus on something else so here it goes:

1. I was once kissed by (THE!) Michael Douglas at a party. I won a writing competition my senior year in college and he was sitting on the Board the organization. Everyone there was in a tizzy but I was nonchalant, trying to get a playwright (now an actor I see frequently on TV – he hasn’t aged well!) to notice me to no avail. I told Mr. M.D. that film was a lazy way out compared to Theatre and before he left he came to see me and told me he’d enjoyed our debate and layed one on!

2. I played the clarinet for about 15 years. Not terribly well and I could never play and march but….

3. My dream growing up was to be a baseball writer.

4. I met my husband in a pub in Dublin when he was on vacation and I was meeting the editor of a magazine I write for. We were engaged 2 months later.

5. I’ve worked for a zoo, the D.C. government (when Marion Barry was Mayor the first time. OY!), Comedy Central, a scientific organization in England, a few theatres and some religious non-profits. I always forget how diverse that list is!

6. Not really about me but one of my best friends, GaijinMama (and an IVF success story) has TWO books coming out in 2008 and, as one of her first “editors” and cheerleaders, I couldn’t be prouder of her!

7. I have three bile ducts on my liver (most people have 2). Found this out the hard way when I had my gall bladder removed and they only closed two.

My turn to tag GaijinMama and PeeSticksandStones


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