Posted by: perchancetodream | December 8, 2007

So What Do You Make of This?

To calm my frantic nerves, we went back to my RE’s office this morning for a scan.  My RE wasn’t the doctor on call but I figured that it’s at least the same equipment and such that we’ve been using and that we’d at least be comparing apples to apples and….well other fruit appropriately.

The good news is that I’m basically ignoring everything from yesterday’s scan.

New numbers are: Embryo: 1.2cm, Sac 14.6, yolk 3.8, heartbeath 138bpm.

Personally, we’re thrilled with these – there is growth from Monday’s scan and the heartbeat is stronger.

The RE though, who admitted that he was the most conservative and negative of the group, wasn’t so happy. I specifically didn’t tell him about yesterday’s scan because the numbers were so messed up.  But he dates this pregnancy at 7w1d when I’m actually 8w2d.

I know that isn’t good.  I know that the baby is small and the sac is small.  I accept that and like my husband says, we’ve been a week behind all along……… The RE gives this slightly less than a 50% chance of viability.

Is it odd that I’m still happy?  That the growth and the heartbeat give me comfort? Am I deluding myself? As you can tell, “overly optimistic” isn’t usually a term applied to me.  And I tend to trust in experts. But I just can’t give up on this.

Off to California tomorrow for ten days.  Not sure if I’ll be able to read or post but I’ll try.  I hope that you all stay well and that only good news awaits us all.



  1. To additionally calm your frantic nerves, not sure what your total situation is but seeing a heart beat on the monitor, especially one that small, is an EXCELLENT sign, and significantly reduces any risk of loss (not seeing it in itself, but the fact that it is there :)) Keep in mind that ultrasound is an inexact science and baby sizes can be off by as much as 30% so i’d say measuring a little small isn’t too bad especially if there is growth and that growth has been consistent. Sticky thoughts to you either way and good luck.

  2. Yes, what brambledoula said! I’m very pleased to see the heart rate go up, that’s an excellent sign. I do wonder why their dates are off from yours, though? I had the same problem but eventually they got it through their heads that yes, I did know the darned dates and that I was right.

    I hope you have a good time (even if it is for work) in Cali.

  3. The thing is, with IUI, I know the dates! My husband is convinced that the fact that I ovulated on day 8 instead of my usual 16 has something to do with it but all the research says otherwise.

    But technically, if you go by the date of my last period and add the extra week to make up for the HCG shot I *should* be 8w2d, which is why they’re concerned.

    Thanks for the wishes! CA will be fine so long as the pregnancy is…..

  4. I wish i could give her an informed opinion but I know so little about the early growth patterns. I think I understand that you ovulated early so you inseminated early and your baby is older by a week. Right?

    And i also understand your fears.

    I ALS O know that those machines don’t always tell the entire story and can be off by several days AND you GOT to 8 weeks. And you have a strong heartbeat. A VERY VERY GOOD sign.

    I hope CA is a leisure trip??? That would do you wonders I think.

    Please take care of yourself and your little one and don’t fret too much. I will be thinking about you while you are gone. HUGS

  5. I think growth and a strong heartbeat are definitely good signs!

  6. I am thinking such hopeful thoughts for you! I’m not very informed about anything beyond the place I’m currently mired in…but I always find that I’m the sort who needs to understand everything about the place I”m in — and weigh all the various permutations. I hope you’re finding peace and hope where you can.

    Best wishes!


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