Posted by: perchancetodream | December 7, 2007

The Roller Coaster Ride Never Ends…..

I honestly was arrogant enough to think that going into the lab for a scan today would give me peace of mind for my trip out West. Hah!

Forget that they got the time of the appointment wrong, that the machine broke and they had to send me to another center, that they made me drink tons of liquid and hold it only to then tell me that I didn’t have to, that I got stuck in traffic on the way back and ended up mostly running to work.

None of that really matters.

The doctor (the OBGYN I can’t afford to stop seeing) called and said “Well, we have really good news” at which point I got all teary. His good news is that they saw the heartbeat again (which I knew because I could see it too) and we got a rate of 125 which he is thrilled with.

Then, I had to ask: Oh, did you get a size? And what he came back with was “7mm” – um, but that’s what my RE measured it at on Monday and here we are 4 days later during a week that’s meant to be a huge growth spurt. He went on to say that the sack is now 16 (which is up from 11.8 on Monday) and….the clincher – they’re dating me at 6w1d. Fine, except I’m 8w1d. I’m also totally confused because all of my research says that .7mm equals 7 weeks but that really isn’t the point.

Can different techs, different equipment make that much of a difference? Oh how it hurts to know that there is this life happily beating away inside me but that might be stalled and losing a fight…..

And how the hell do I get through the next 13 days until I’m back for my next scan with the RE??????



  1. Wait, *point* 7mm?? Hmm…surely he meant 7mm? Or maybe point 77Cm/77mm? I’ve looked it up in Online Conversions and if I’m reading the result right, that comes to about 1/3 of an inch – just about where he or she should be for 7w, not too far off from 8w’s 1/2 inch. Did you get a piccy? If there’s a number listed after the letters CRL that’s the length of the little one, presumably in millimeters. Did your OB do the scan or was there a tech?

    Personally, I think he or she is doing fine. These measurements are called averages for a reason! Can you leave a message and have someone get back to you on Monday with clarification?

    I wish you could see another OB, this guy just does not generate any confidence in me.

  2. Forgot to mention, this site is wicked awesome with the timeline and the piccies. I do advise not reading the week ahead if you can help it, though – you might drive yourself insane otherwise!

  3. Oro – sorry, I’m going to edit this. “7mm” no point. But everywhere I read, it says that you basically take things from week 6 and then add each mm as a day. So 6 weeks plus seven is 6w7d or 7 weeks.

    No photo.

    This wasn’t at my RE’s OR my OB’s. This was at an imaging lab and believe me, confidence is not the word that comes to my mind when I think of them!

    We’ve actually decided to go to my RE’s office tomorrow for a scan. My RE won’t be there but it will at least be a doctor (today was tech person) and the same equipment we’ve been using. I’m prepared for small, I wasn’t prepared for no growth and am praying that the tech and the different machine and such made the difference…..

    Thanks for the link also….I’ll have a look once I’m feeling a bit better about things….thanks for keeping tabs on me!

  4. I suffer anxietry and DON”T have the patience of a saint. I guess I’d be a little nuts by now.

    Hopefully TODAY will bring you the info and peace you so desire. HUGS

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