Posted by: perchancetodream | November 14, 2007

My New Fear…

Oh yes….and this has been plaguing me as well.

We live in one of the “other” boroughs on NYC, i.e., not Manhattan. And we’re literally across the street from the subway which is great for coming to work or to go out on a Saturday night. We haven’t needed a car and there is no where to really park it and frankly, we can’t really afford one considering I’m virtually allergic to driving anyplace where the speed limit is over 35mph.

So while reading my current guilty pleasure  (“What to Expect When You’re Expecting”), I come across the very helpful list of  symptoms that could crop up and what you should do about it (“ignore it and it will go away”,  “talk to your doctor at your next appointment”,  “Call your doctor”, “Rush to the ER NOW!”).  And the list is great.  However….

We have no car.  There are no cabs to be found in our neighborhood.  What happens if I need to get to the ER? For that matter, what will happen when I go into labor or the hoped-for baby is sick?  Do we need to buy a car, pay for insurance and deal with alternate side of the street parking only to use it twice a year?

Would love to hear from all you big city girls on this one.  Yes, I know you can’t step off a curb in Manhattan without 20 cabs screeching to a halt.  But what about in the burbs???



  1. I’m a country girl, don’t have a clue as to burbage, I just wanted to say go and get The Mother of All Pregnancy Books instead!

  2. Ambulance service?

  3. ORO: Have put the book on my Amazon list!!

    Katarina: The only problem with ambulances is that they take you to the closest hospital not the one that involves having to cross a major bridge. Sigh….

  4. Car service.

    Gypsy cabs.

    Neighbor with a car.

    Call me; I’ll come get you (what’s your borough again?)

  5. Nica, you’re a sweetie! I’m in Queens. But I think you might have your hands full yourself! 🙂

    I have one friend in Queens who is a performer and travels to Europe constantly. I know no one with a car….wah…..

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