Posted by: perchancetodream | November 9, 2007

Wait, Didn’t We Just Do This?

As nervous as I was on Wednesday when I went in for my first beta, I KNEW I was pregnant both from how I was feeling and from the growing number of positive HPTs scattered around the house

This beta is something different. Waiting to see if the numbers doubled.  I know that there are many, many more hurdles along the path and that this is really just an early one but it’s a biggy.

It also means that I will tell my dad which is something I’ve been waiting for what feels like a million years to do.  Although I’m currently living half-way across the country, as the only child (and a daughter) of a young widower, my dad and I are super-close.  I so want to hear that joy in his voice because, at 42, I’m not sure that he hasn’t given up on ever hearing the announcement from me.

That being said, my dad is someone who has trouble keeping anything – particularly good news – to himself. And though, if the numbers are good and I tell him, I will swear him to secrecy I’m somewhat skeptical about his ability to keep it quiet however much I beg.

But first I must wait for the phone to ring and for the nurse to call with what I pray is good news.




    I’m imagining you telling your dad and I think it may be the happiest day of his life…

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