Posted by: perchancetodream | November 5, 2007

I Walk the Line


Okay I don’t even like Johnny Cash (although I know I should) but….lines are on my mind today.

Since I was out of the good stuff, I went to my local dollar store yesterday and bought a supply of “U Check” HPTs. When I first moved to the area, I was getting all sorts of bits and pieces from the dollar store and I remember joking with my husband and saying “What kind of idiot buys pregnancy tests from the dollar store???”. Yeah, funny how those things come back and bite you in the butt.

Anyhow, so following the so-light-it-probably-wasn’t-there-line on Saturday, the line yesterday was….well, really, really, really light but if I squinted just the right way, I swear that there was a swath of pink just where their should be.

This morning I actually managed to test first thing and wouldn’t you know that the darn thing looked darker – still a whisper of a line but I didn’t have to squint to see it at all. But yes, it’s only 11dpiui and I’ve got the slowest metabolism in the world so who knows how long the HCG shot really takes to get out of my system.

But it was a line.  At 11dpiui.



  1. Oh I really, really hope it is truly, truly a line!


  2. Thanks so much Pam! This is certainly the farthest I’ve ever gotten so I’m just holding my breath….

  3. YAY LINE!!!

    I hope it’s the real deal. Fingers crossed that they keep getting darker.

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