Posted by: perchancetodream | November 2, 2007

Wondering Aloud

I was so sure that I wasn’t going to obsess this cycle.  Granted that would have been easier had I not been having cramps for the past 8 days along with breast tenderness (which I never ever get). Kinda hard to put it all out of your mind.

And so, having POAS a few days ago, I’ve been doing it daily (thankfully I have no more!). Today, 8dpiui, the cramps have lessened, the tenderness has lessened and the line?  Well, there is still a line.  But a really, really, faint one.  About the same as yesterday I think but definitely the kind of line that my husband would question (I think it would have to be neon with LEDs for him to believe it anyhow).  But it’s there.  In spite of the fact that I’ve been (for me) guzzling water and taking the test late afternoon.

But yes, it’s still to early, etc. etc. etc.

I often wonder what the cleaning staff in my office thing though when they empty the trash and yet one more test flies out.

And I wonder if large amount of candy corn shouldn’t be put on the list of things not to do during the TWW, alongside heroin and sky-diving.

I’m wondering a lot of things these days.

On the plus side, I have a lot going on during this next week which will, I hope at least divert me. A highly-touted and sold out play, two freelance writing articles, a tour of a new gym opening near our apartment, a ton of house stuff, and a graduation ceremony for my husband. And a lot of work.

And a beta.  Sigh…it just keeps walking back into my mind. In part, I think because I’ve never had one.  My old clinic basically said: test until you get your period. As I’ve tended to get mine about 15 or 16 diui, going in on the 14th when the HPT was negative didn’t really make sense.  This time, I might go in.


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