Posted by: perchancetodream | November 1, 2007

Wise Words

One question: So, my clinic doesn’t give progesterone supplements for IUI patients except under extreme circumstances. By all accounts, my lining is good anyhow but….every blog I read attributes the cramps, bloating, sore breasts (all the symptoms I’m having) to progesterone. But what can they be attributed to at this point (7pdiui) if you aren’t taking progesterone???

Since I don’t really have any original to say today, I’m going to send you this post from Embryo Motel which just managed to crack me up. SO true!

Visit here.



  1. I had a lot of people mention Ovidrel when I complained about sore breasts. Since it’s synthetic HcG, that makes more sense to me than progesterone. Did you take it or similar?

  2. I didn’t have Ovidrel but DID have natural HCG (the nurse said that HCG has some advantages but I don’t remember what she said they were!).

  3. My RE has me using progesterone, and I experience absolutely no symptoms from it. I have more symptoms from the HCG trigger shot than anything. Good luck!

  4. Hi! Good luck with this cycle. found your blog tonight and thought I would pop in.
    Don’t worry about the progesterone thing. You said that yur progesterone is fine, which would be the reason you are feelign the symptoms typically associated with progesterone Rx. Some women (like me) do not produce the requisite amount of progesterone and need to be supplemented (thus our symptoms while on progesterone).
    If you are good in the prog. department, then your body is secreting enough of it to give your the symptoms you are having.
    Again, best of luck!

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