Posted by: perchancetodream | October 31, 2007

The Two Week Plus One Day Wait

Since beginning the assisted-reproduction thing in ernest, I’ve been reading blogs. A LOT of blogs. Some I follow on a more-than-daily basis; some I check in on occasionally. One thing I’m struck by though, are the similarities in the way we all deal with things.

Regardless of whether the writer has had a child already, what type of ART they’re going through, any ancillary male factors or syndromes, the two week wait pretty much always includes the following thoughts:

  • With these symptoms I MUST be pregnant
  • With the symptoms I CAN’T be pregnant
  • Why aren’t I having any/more symptoms?
  • I should POAS
  • It’s too early to POAS
  • I’ll POAS with the knowledge that the result doesn’t really mean anything since it’s so early
  • If I do/don’t do_______(fill in the blank) then I know that this cycle will work
  • If I do/don’t do _______ (fill in the blank) then I know that this cycle won’t work

My husband thinks that this is just me even though I don’t tell him half the thoughts I have on the subject. He is very much a “wait and see what happens – no sense getting yourself worked up” kind of guy. I wish I could get him to read everyone else’s blogs so that he’d known that in this, I’m absolutely, completely normal.

That being said, here at 6dpiui, I had a compulsive urge to POAS. And having one such stick in my office drawer and having never seen a positive test and with the knowledge that the trigger (which I’ve never had before) is still in my system, I used it.

And it was positive. And while it was nice to see that my body can produce a positive test (even though I know it’s artificial), it was also a bit of a bummer. I was hoping it was negative so that I could harbor the thought that the symptoms I’ve been having might just possibly foreshadow something wonderful. Instead of being one more product of the HCG shot.

And so I’m back to waiting. And it will probably be a slightly longer than usual wait. My husband has a very important ceremony the night of the day I’m meant to go for a beta at 14dpiui and I’ve yet to have AF begin before 16dIUI. I know that if I go and it’s negative, I’m going to be too down to fully support him. And if it’s positive, I’m going to be too distracted. So last night when he asked when I’m meant to go back to the doctor, I said “on the 9th (15dpiui)” without thinking. But it felt right. Even though I don’t want to wait….



  1. You are so very right! The similarities in feeling during this time is overwhelming, even though we think we’re queen of our own little infertility islands.

    I’m testing on Wednesday. A week from today. It only gets harder…

  2. I don’t think I even wrote in my blog that I did the same thing. Peed on a stick at 6 dpiui just to see the two lines, a sight I had never encountered before.

    Mr. JellyBeana’s response was just to shake his head at me….

  3. Katrina -Best of luck! I’m reading your blog too! It helps to know that what we’re feeling isn’t so odd even if it might seem so to the outside world! Or men! 🙂

    Yeah, I don’t think I’ll tell hubby. He’ll find out when he reads this but that will be his reaction too!

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