Posted by: perchancetodream | October 24, 2007


“Hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul.”

– Emily Dickenson


Apparently my follicles liked the Sinead O’Connor concert that we went to last night because they behaved just as hoped and, having received my HCG shot, we’re a go for an IUI tomorrow.

Even though I thought it would be cool to conceive on Halloween, tomorrow holds even more significance as it is 6 years to the day that my husband and I met. The circumstances of our meeting sound unbelievable on paper particularly given that it was just post 9/11 and I was determined to stay at a certain hotel and re-adjusted my trip accordingly to book into it. Also, we were both visiting a country that neither of us was living in. And the hotel strongly dissuaded me from going to the bar (yes, okay we met in a bar but we were both there to listen to music so that had to decrease the cliche factor, right?) that we met in.

So even though our new super clinic has the man come in at 8 to produce his part of the process and I won’t be in until afternoon (which I hate because I’d like us to at least be in the same building when we’re trying to conceive a child!), tomorrow seems a fitting day for this procedure.

Hope perches on many things….



  1. Yay IUI Eve!!

    I hope everything goes smoothly. Just make sure all the signatures lines up and you are SET.

    I will be hoping and praying for you!

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