Posted by: perchancetodream | October 11, 2007

You Can’t Go Home Again (or can you?)

And so I prepare to head from the Big City back to the Midwest for my college reunion. When I was choosing where to go to school I had the choice of a large state school with a newfangled journalism lab (i.e. computers 🙂 ) who was offering me tons of scholarship money or a small liberal arts college with vine covered buildings and English Professors in tweed jackets smoking pipes in front of roaring fireplaces (I kid you not!). Oh, did I mention that it was the most expensive school in the state? So of course, I chose that one and I’m still paying my loans back.

Anyhow, I have no regrets even though I’ve never held a job at the New York Times which is really what I’d had my hopes on. For all of the times that I thought that college was just wasting my time and keeping me from “real life”, (how naive we are at 19!) in hindsight it really was the best time of my life in many ways. And I’ve been highly fortunate to keep many friends from that time. In fact, almost all of my close friends are friends made in college (small schools will do that to you!).

With any luck, the next few days will be spent drinking good beer (yes, I know we’re TTC but we’re not in a cycle, I’ve been generally good and I’m giving myself a few days off!) with good friends and showing my husband the joys of the Midwest. With any luck, he’ll fall in love with the area too and some day down the road, we’ll settle there where houses are reasonable (great!), public transportation non-existent (darn!) and you actually know your neighbors (good and bad).

In the meantime, I’ll be doing whatever I can to stave off the start of my cycle until we get back so that we can forge ahead with an IUI round. I have follstim in my fridge, have taken a course in using the pen, and am raring to go (If you told me a year ago that I’d be looking forward to giving myself a shot, I’d have asked you what medication you were on).



  1. You give youself the shots? Ow ! I’d be scared !

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