Posted by: perchancetodream | October 9, 2007

Headlights on Dark Roads

So things are headed in what I hope is the right direction. Dr. Celebrity called to tell me that hubby’s test results came back fine (which makes me wonder what Dr. Perky and her crew were actually doing at their center to mess things up so much!) and that, assuming my cycle holds off and the evil cyst has gone away, IUI round #3 (which is, to me, in some ways, #1 as this will be the first time with the new center and with injectables) is a go!

So today I went over for my one-on-one injectables instruction. Already this is SOOOOO much better than the other center which hosted an IUI injectable course once a month in the middle of the day and always on a day I couldn’t be there! There are other differences as well. This center monitors every few days as opposed to the once a week that the other center did. I actually feel like they’re on top of my care which is a novel feeling in all of this.

Anyhow, so while I wasn’t thrilled to hear that Follistim is derived from the hormones of Chinese Hamsters (why Chinese?) – even though the nurse assured me that it had to be better than Clomid which is from a nice sterile lab – and a close work friend responded, when I told her “Oh, so you’re going to get a strong urge to run around on a wheel after you take it? – the process of the shots seems straightforward.

For about 5 minutes, I walked out of the meeting feeling light and happy and with forward momentum. And then, for some reason this voice in my head said “yeah, but what if this doesn’t work because your eggs are just crap anyhow?”

Contrary to my husband’s opinion, I’m not a negative thinker. In fact, I lean a bit too much towards optimism and get my hopes up easily. But I DO like to be prepared for what might come up. I’ve no particular reason to think that my eggs are crap – just that I’m 42 and have never been pregnant. One thing that Dr. Perky DID do for me was to get an MIS test which tests reserve and my reserve is actually quite good. So I’m not really sure where that voice came from but I resolve to bludgeon it if it rears it’s head again. It’s all got to be about positive visualization now!


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