Posted by: perchancetodream | October 2, 2007

Hope Springs Eternal

So my silence on the blog has been due to my having spend most of the last week on the phone with doctor’s offices and insurance companies. I’ve ever so grateful for having an office with a door and co-workers who, for the most part, understand the meaning of a closed one.

We’re still waiting for determination of whether this cycle is actually happening thanks to the very nice scheduler at Dr. Celebrity’s accidentally deleting my husband’s appointment out of the system along with the doctor’s instructions, notes, etc. So even though the results we got were really good, what we really needed wasn’t done so, here we go again.

It wouldn’t be so bad if our whole treatment plan wasn’t resting on the results of this test. And if insurance companies didn’t have to be so difficult about everything. So I’m going in for an injectables class next week for a process we may never get to. And I spent a good hour yesterday arranging for medication I might not use and which I still don’t know for sure is covered on our plan because they keep giving me different answers.

Oh and….because my very regular cycle could very well be thrown off by the cyst, we don’t know when the next one will begin. If it’s really early, we’ll scrap the cycle because I won’t be in town for monitoring. If it’s even a day early, it will start while I’m out of town and I won’t be here for monitoring. So I’m pinning my hopes on (1) positive test results (2) my medication showing up on-time and being covered and (3) my cycle beginning when it’s meant to even though cysts are meant to speed things up.

Crazy optimist that I am though, I’m still assuming that we’ll go through with it. I’m glad that I take a positive outlook but there are times when I stand outside myself and wonder how I’m able to sustain it. Luck? Genetics?



  1. fingers crossed for a positive result!

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