Posted by: perchancetodream | September 28, 2007

Muddy Water

One of the greatest advantages of working for a Jewish organization is getting Jewish holidays off. This is great if you are observant and then don’t need to waste all of your vacation days to sit in a synagogue and it is great if, like me, you aren’t observant and get these random days given to you like a little gift tied up in ribbons and bows.

These past few weeks though, my free days have been spent playing phone tag with doctors. Dr. Celebrity, my new RE, has asked for some further testing (but that took over 2 days, multiple calls, faxes and e-mails to determine) before he can even decide if we should proceed with more IUIs. The records office of my old RE, Dr. Perky, has finally copied my records but now I need to find a way to get there to pick them up and deliver them to Dr. Celebrity together with my 2006 tax returns, HSG report and probably a photo of my puppy in order to apply for the government grant that will allow us to even try IVF.

Oh..and did I mention that I’ve had bronchitis for over 3 weeks now which my MD thinks actually was pneumonia (I’m sure my co-workers would be thrilled to find this out) or some sort of strange once-in-a-lifetime asthma situation. It took about 5 calls to reach her, I believe.

Between that and the normal errands of the week, I’ve gotten nothing done with my “free” days. I have one more next week that I’m trying to schedule with fun things that I can’t possibly cancel, just to have a small break. And if it takes me another year to clean out the linen closet? Well, it isn’t going anywhere….

On more pressing issues….I realized that while our fall-back plan has always been to adopt (“Hey, if IVF doesn’t work, we’ll just adopt”) the more I read up on it, the harder it sounds. Just like I said to Dr. Perky when she wanted to hold up an IUI cycle because I was a week late in getting my mammogram – people have babies while drinking, being late for mammograms, having unsafe houses, no close relatives, various personal issues. Maybe everyone should be screened? I’m sure our healthcare system would benefit from that! 🙂


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